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There are 4 steps to creating a project:

  • Add a Project
  • Add a Drawing
  • Add a Position
  • Add a 360° Image

1. Add A Project (Team admin's only)

Select Add Project


Add your project information

      • Add your project name
      • Add your address (not required)
      • When you have finished your project information, select Create



2. Add your Drawing

Select your project

Select Add Drawing



You can upload a drawing Jpeg image, PDF or a blank drawing

Type the name of your drawing and select Done



3. Add Position

Select your drawing

Select  Add Position


  • Place a cursor over the position on your drawing where you are going to take/add a 360° image
  • Select Save


4. Add 360° Image 

Select the "Add Photo" button


Select the folder that has your 360° image, select the image and Done



Your 360° image has been added!


Repeat above steps 3 and 4 to digitize your construction site with all of your 360° images!


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