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1. Select a project


2. Select a drawing


3. Select a position

・The drawing can be zoomed in and out. 
*Use pinch in/out (mobile app) or mouse wheel (web app) to zoom in/out


4. View a 360° Image of the selected position

  • You can rotate and zoom in/out on the 360° Image.


5. Show a drawing

While viewing an image you can show the drawing and move from position to position.

  • You can open the drawing by selecting drawing_open.png at the bottom right of your screen
  • You can make the drawing larger or smaller using the button in the upper left corner of the drawing  drawing_large.png  drawing_small.png .
  • You can pinch in/out (mobile app) or use the zoomin.png or zoomout.pngbuttons or mouse wheel (web app) to further zoom in/out inside the drawing.
  • You can close the drawing to selecting drawing_close.png .


6. Move to another position

  • To move from one position to another, simply display the drawing and tap on the position marker.



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