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When you receive your camera, the default setting will turn the THETA off after 5 minutes on inactivity.

This will result in a lost Wi-Fi connection with the iPad/iPhone.  We recommend you change the sleep mode setting or cancel it if necessary.



To set the sleep mode, use the RICOH THETA Basic App for iPad/iPhone

Please search for RICOH THETA in the App Store.


  1. Open the RICOH THETA Basic App thetaapp.png with the iPhone/iPad
  2. Make sure your Wi-Fi is set on your THETA
  3. Select Cam Images
  4. If your THETA is not registered, then register it, otherwise just connect to Wi-Fi
  5. Select Settings
  6. Select Camera Settings
  7. Select Sleep
  8. Choose your setting
  9. Exit the THETA app

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