Assign Team Administrators and change their permissions

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Note: Team Owner and Team Admin only

Assign a Team Administrator

1. Select the icon team_members.pngat the top of your page to view your team members, then select Edit for the member whom you want to assign a team administrator role.

2. Select "Team Admin" from the pull-down menu


      • You can set multiple team admins.
      • Team admins can view and edit team information and all projects. 

3. Select Change



   4. The selected member has been assigned to the team administrator.





Change Team Administrator Permissions

1. Browse the team members, select Edit for the team administrator whose permissions you want to edit

2. Open the member information, and select Member from the pull-down menu.



3. The member you selected is no longer the team administrator.

When  the member is no longer the team administrator, he/ she will only be able to view and edit the assigned projects, so please select "Edit" to assign the member to the required project.


Note: You cannot change yourself from a team administrator to a member.




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