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The RICOH360 Projects App can be used in environments where network communication is not available.

Even when your mobile device is unable to communicate, you can perform a variety of tasks such as adding projects, drawings, positions, and photos, and the data that is stored in the RICOH360 Projects app. When communication is restored, the data stored in the app is automatically uploaded to the cloud.

※When you are offline, the communication mark in the upper right corner of the mobile app isoffline.png .

※Automatic uploads after connection is restored will only be done while the app is open. When the communication mark is sync.png, the data is being synchronized.  Please do not close the app until the sync is completed and the communication mark is online.png.

If a 360° image fails to upload to the cloud, the Upload button will be displayed when you open the 360° image. Press UPLOAD to re-upload the 360° image.

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