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RICOH360 Projects can digitize your construction site with 360° images!

  • RICOH360 Projects is the cloud service that brings efficiency to your team when sharing and collaborating on your sites.
  • RICOH360 Projects captures the whole construction site using 360° images in order to support the collaboration with various stakeholders on your projects. This includes sharing the progress of timelines and discussing the safety on your site. RICOH360 Projects has been developed from the voice of our AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) clients, who have been using our data services. Ricoh for years, has served more than 7000 enterprise accounts backed up by our RICOH THETA camera and various other technologies.

Suitable for AEC practitioners who have a desire to:

  • Avoid re-visits when making estimations and your completing your plan by eliminating the risk of missing key angles
  • Improve efficiency when organizing photos and making status update reports
  • Reduce travel cost with the site that enables additional remote work
  • Share sites with Reality to clients, owners, executives and colleagues who have a limited chance to visit
  • Remotely view your construction site instantly from anywhere, anytime


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