Add 360° Image to the existing Position

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1. Open the existing position on the drawing

2. Select Add 360°


3. Take a 360° image

If not already done, connect to your RICOH THETA to WiFi

        1. Exit the RICOH360 Projects app
        2. On your iPad select the iPad Settings app
        3. Select the THETA WiFi Network
        4. Enter your THETA Password (found on the bottom of your THETA, all numbers, for example if you see YN30123456 your password is 30123456
        5. Connect to your THETA device
        6. Return to the RICOH360 Projects app


  • Instead, you can upload a 360° image from "Library".


4. Confirm

  • If you are OK, select Save.


5. New 360° image has been added!

  • The new 360° image is added to the existing position and its thumbnail is shown in the bottom tray as history of this position. The latest one is on the far left.



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